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Grab hold of this and utilize every gem inside no matter where you stand today in terms of achieving what you want in life. In it you’ll find the little known keys to success to achieve your life’s dreams… how to live in a state of bliss that where “enlightened” people reside… and relationship keys that make your home life happy.

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The single most important thing you must do before you become successful. This paramount element to success is the gate keeper that will allow you in or lock you out from your deepest desires.
How to avoid defeating yourself in your pursuit of achieving your wildest dreams. One person in a thousand knows this…and without it you’re left wandering in the wilderness, never claiming what you deserve.
One easy but often overlooked aspect of wealth building that practically guarantees success in your endeavor. This allows you to feel secure no matter how old you are and no matter what condition the economy is in.
How you can utilize what one man did in the middle of a broken career to transition from the IT field to a profitable real estate career. Usually people are trapped into thinking they are only useful in a certain field. This allows you to really be free from anxiety and worry over money.
How to transfer over the successes sports teams use to win championships and apply it to your life. This is where most people fail in life…but with this little bit of info you’ll catapult your dreams and make them a reality.
How one guy elevated his earning capacity from $35,000 a year to well over a million dollars in net worth. And how you can do it too.
How to take the lessons of nature and utilize them to become a millionaire. You may be surprised by how many wealthy people have already mastered this principal. But once you know it…sky’s the limit.
The one hidden destructive attitude you must annihilate prior to achieving your rightful place among the “successful”. Without this little hint…you could spend the next decade wondering “why you never seemed to make it”.
The single most important thing you must focus on when seeking wealth…even if it seems like there’s nothing out there for you. Once you know this you’ll understand why doors don’t seem to open…then magically opportunities will arise.

And that’s just for starters. This Laminated Hardcover Book is called: "The Power of Believing…How You Can Create The Life You Want"
It unlocks doors to your soul that you never even knew were there. It challenges you to stand up and take charge of your affairs in every aspect of your life.

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"I'm so happy be writing to you because I have terrific news to share. I know your material had everything to do with my success. At first I really didn't understand just how much my life would change and improve. Within weeks of working with your Power Of Believing I began to see little things happening. At first I thought they were coincidences - but I knew it was your material at work. Karim, I have gone from being desperate and single to being happy and in a terrific relationship. But wait there's more - I recently got a job promotion and I can see better things unfolding in the future. Thank you so much Karim."
 - Jennifer Aldridge, United Kingdom.

I cannot stress how powerfully these little known facts affect your life. Never before revealed…deeply researched… using the same tactics I use to uncover breakthrough award winning stories for in New York City… insider information, that uncovers your internal power to fulfill your deepest desires. Soul lifting insight like...
How to create the life you want. This simple step-by-step process permits you to unlock your potential and fulfill your inner most desires.
3 absolutely essential elements of achieving your goals. This combination of ideas is what separates the “achievers” from the woulda, coulda, shouldas of the world.
Why some people seem to live a successful, happy, and fulfilling life and others go through life in drudgery. Once the primary reason is revealed to you…you’ll be able to live your life the way you want.
One commonly used word that transforms your perception of reality. Without this simple little word you’ll never achieve your dreams of a better tomorrow.
Why most people can’t seem to meet the “right one”. It’s magical when you understand exactly what it takes to attract your soul mate.
A simple road map you can use as a template to achieve your deepest desires. There’s no need to be a trailblazer. All you have to do is follow some simple steps to success.
How to avoid being bugged by those little things that irritate you and spoil your day. It’s a little known fact that can easily be avoided if you know what to do.
The single most important thing you must do when you are planning your future. Without this you’ll be a ship without a rudder. Steady going with no direction.
How to avoid the wasteful action of reacting to problems. With this simple hold your hand step-by-step approach, your future will be dictated by you and not by those around you.
A simple action you must take if you desire to enjoy life, and achieve success.
How to overcome the natural resistance your own mind will put up during your transition from regular to great. If you don’t apply this little technique you’ll “trick” yourself from getting everything you want in life.
How to avoid the trap of the “simply believe and you’ll achieve” saying. The most critical component is missing…and without it you’ll remain eternally optimistic yet condemned to complacency.
How to unveil your real passion in life. And how to avoid the trap most people fall into when it comes to turning their passion into a paycheck.
How to change the limiting factors of your own belief system that enslave you to false perceptions that lock your own personal powers away.
How to utilize your grossly underused greatest asset. Not one person in a thousand knows this…but when you finally “get it” you’ll blast off like a rocket.
How to properly measure your success. Average go-getters feel they should achieve their goals overnight. But with this simple calculating system…you won’t fall victim to your own impatience.
The sure fire way to short circuit your success. Opportunities surround us daily and if we don’t know how to recognize and exploit them we remain in our present condition of want and need.
Why you must keep an open mind when beginning a new endeavor. An exciting look at an old adage that could reveal hidden opportunities in places you’d never look.
A classic example of a man who spent over a quarter century in prison to overcome an injustice. And the life propelling lesson you can learn from him to shorten your time to achieving your life goals.
A little story about a quarter back who led his team to a Super bowl victory that will help you understand life’s little obstacles and how to conquer them.
How to dodge the self-destructive behavior most people maintain in their life that dead bolts the door of opportunity.
How to use your current position…even if it’s not where you want to be…as a launching pad to blast off to achieve your final destination of success… however you measure it.
The one power you must acquaint yourself with to reap the rewards of your present position. You don’t have to wait weeks and months of training in some esoteric meditation to grab your life’s share.
How to overcome the most detrimental of human emotions. You’ll be able to manipulate one of nature’s ‘tests’ to unlock what’s rightfully yours.
How to conquer the self defeating mind states of anxiety and grief. Once you are introduced to this simple concept…you’ll overcome those humiliating experiences that have haunted you for years.
Why some people take years to achieve success and others only days. And how you can use this juicy bit if little known information to humiliate anyone who has ever doubted you.
How to get fit and stay fit using a simple step-by-step system to get the body you’ve always wanted. This painless approach makes losing weight enjoyable.
How to be the “mature adult” and still have the fun of a child. No worries… no stress… and no more complaints.
The one attitude you must possess in order to obtain true success. Without this one characteristic… you’ll be like a Porsche with no gas.
How to be the victor where most people fail. It’s no wonder why people run out of gas when pursuing their life’s passion. But when you have this weapon in your arsenal…you’ll never be running on empty

Who Is
Karim Hajee?

My name is Karim Hajee and over the Past 20 Years I've helped Thousands of people Change Their lives in ways they never thought possible. I am an Award Winning Television Reporter in Canada and The United States.

Karim Hajee has Helped Thousands Improve Their Lives

A step-by-step plan to analyze your goals. This is a must before you start on your life’s journey to fulfill your dreams.


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 -Tony Stevenson, New York, NY

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