Power of the Subconscious Mind

How to Program Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is super powerful. It not only regulates your body and allows you to follow certain habits without thinking about it; your subconscious can also guide you to new opportunities and help you achieve success when you plant the right thought habits and beliefs on your subconscious. These thought habits and beliefs are the instructions that drive the subconscious – taking you where you want to go.

However, it can also take you where you don’t want to go – if you give it the wrong instructions. The wrong instructions are negative thoughts and negative beliefs.

Experts agree that by the time we are seven years old, 90 percent of all our learning for our lifetime has occurred. We have learned how to talk, walk, think and we have many of the skills we need to survive. It is this subconscious mind programming that determines whether we succeed or fail in life. In a nutshell, this is a time when we are being programmed to be a success or failure, to live carefree and happily or not. Your subconscious mind is your voice, thought and video recorder.

Every day, we use our subconscious mind for automatic functions – brushing our hair, chewing gum, mowing the lawn, washing the dishes, getting dressed, driving, and the list goes on. Any activity that you have repeatedly done is part of your subconscious mind programming. It is why repetition is one of the most effective ways to program or re-program our subconscious mind.

 What if You Don’t Like Your Mental Programming?

Your subconscious mind has recorded everything you have ever heard, thought, seen or experienced. Remember, your subconscious doesn’t distinguish between what is true or false. That is the job of your conscious mind. Your subconscious accepts all. So if you have negative programming on your subconscious you can change that negative programming and install a positive program – so that your subconscious brings you what you really desire.

Research shows it takes the average person 21 days of conscious non-stop reprogramming to change an old habit. For example, let’s look at quitting smoking. If you have a period where you haven’t smoked (conscious effort) your programming changes, and you can be successful plant a new positive habit on your subconscious to replace the negative habit of smoking.

 Subconscious Mind Training

Here are some subconscious mind training techniques to change your subconscious mind programming.

 #1 Positive Mantras and Affirmations

A mantra is an affirmation that you repeat over and over. When you repeat positive mantras, your subconscious mind picks up on these and they become beliefs. Once they’re beliefs your subconscious creates situations in your life to mirror those beliefs. For example, let’s say you are sad, feel life is chaotic, and out of control. Then you begin to repeat the affirmation “I am happy and living in harmony.” Soon after enough repetition, that is what your subconscious will believe to be true and you’ll have more harmony and feel happy. You will have rewritten your subconscious mind programming.

 #2 Create Positive Routines

Now that you know how your subconscious works, you can create routines and habits that will drive your subconscious to create the situations you want. Start creating positive routines and positive habits to change your life.

 #3 Solve Problems

Your subconscious mind can help you solve problems quickly and easily. When you feel you have a problem you can’t resolve consciously let your subconscious take responsibility over your conscious mind. Just think about the problem for bit.

Tell your subconscious to find a solution to the problem. Now forget the problem and go about your everyday routine. It won’t take long for a solution to click, you just have to be open to recognizing or seeing the solution. This is your subconscious mind programming at work.

 #4 Meditation

Meditation is important to train your subconscious. Learn to believe in yourself, think about new ideas and get inspired. Meditation helps you achieve the mental focus you desire as well as the necessary concentration to gain cognitive power. This will let you enjoy the ‘now’ while planning for your future.

 #5 Visualization

Repeated visualization is highly effective in subconscious mind programming. It will help you to accomplish your targets. This includes setting goals that excite you, be passionate about those goals and imagine the end results.

 The Subconscious and Conscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is your data storage bank while our conscious mind is our awareness center – our communication center. When our conscious mind sends out a request to our subconscious mind it responds.

Our conscious mind thinks, calculates, reasons, plans, directs the body, makes decisions, and determines the results. It also registers pain, happiness, fear. It sets goals and it is creative. However, for your conscious to be able to do these things it needs somewhere to pull stored information – that’s your subconscious mind.

From the minute you are born, your subconscious mind takes in everything you learn and all of your experiences. It soaks up information and gathers information as we grow – it is like a huge sponge. It starts to form beliefs and viewpoints based on everything you have learned and experienced. All of these beliefs gain momentum and power, as we get older.

Every day of our lives, our conscious mind makes choices – these are our conscious choices but they are made based on all of the knowledge we have stored in our subconscious mind over the years we have lived. You can re-program your Subconscious mind so that you experience a different outcome from the conscious mind.

Working with your Subconscious mind is crucial to creating the changes you want and that means planting new thoughts, new beliefs and a new positive program on your subconscious mind. At any given time, your subconscious mind programming can be changed. If you don’t like what you see, then change it.

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