Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

10 Tips for Positive Thinking

10 Tips For Positive Thinking

So you try to be positive and optimistic and maybe you succeed… for a few minutes. Then those negative thoughts come in and try as hard as you can, you just can’t seem to remain positive and optimistic. Don’t feel so bad, you’re not alone.

Most of us find ourselves carrying or thinking negative thoughts more often than we would like. These negative thoughts play in your brain like a movie and they can zap your energy and prevent you from enjoying life. They also end up making life a lot more difficult and harder. Because what you think is what you get.

I’ve written a few articles on positive thinking that you can find on this site. So today I’m giving you 10 positive thinking tips that you should implement everyday so that you develop a positive thinking mindset, have more positive things happen and so that you actually enjoy your day

Positive Thinking Tips

#1 Smile

Yes, that’s right – a simple smile can change the way you think. Find a mirror and smile into it. Don’t worry if it seems weird or you find you have trouble doing this exercise. Force yourself if you have to, but just go it. Smiling will help you relieve stress and it can directly change your mood and replacing negative thinking with positive thinking. Did you know that it takes fewer muscles for you to smile than it does for you to frown? So smile and smile often. Share a smile with a stranger, a friend, a colleague, a child, a parent, a sibling, a spouse, a boss – anyone.

#2 Meditate

Quiet the mind and change your thoughts. You want to take your focus away from what you are thinking about, so focus on your breathing. You can do this with the use of a simple meditation, or you might want to participate in a Yoga class. All of these options offer a way for you to bring yourself back into the ‘now.’ Staying in the now will help you improve your positive thinking. You will be focused on this moment and not worrying about what might happen tomorrow or what happened yesterday.

#3 Seek Positive and Avoid Negative People

This is one of the best positive thinking tips you can participate in. You tend to behave like those around you. Therefore, if you are hanging out with negative people you are going to act and think in a negative way. However, if you are hanging out with people who have a positive outlook on life, you will find that you are also thinking in a positive way, and this is very important. Positive thinking will actually make life better and it will make the tough times more bearable. So look for people that share your positive outlook and don’t let the negative people bring you down.

#4 Change Your Mind Change Your Life

You need to change your mind from thinking negative thinking to positive thinking. At first, this can seem tough but practice will make it easier. You can retrain your brain through meditation, but also in your daily activity – if a negative thought comes into your mind, stop the thought process and turn it around to something positive.

#5 Give a Helping Hand

Instead of spending your time thinking about yourself, why not take the focus off of yourself and be nice to someone else – it will encourage positive thinking. It does not matter who it is. It might be a friend, family member, a charity, or a stranger you meet in the grocery store. Lend a hand, you’ll feel better, you’ll help someone else and they’ll feel better and you’ll create a lot of positive energy which will attract more positive situations into your life.

#6 Remember You Don’t Have to be a Victim

You create your life. That means you don’t have to be a victim. Even when your current situation seems unbearable there is always a way out. You need to make that choice because you always have a choice. Choose to take charge of your life. Put what happened behind you and choose to start moving forward. You can create any life you want but you have to move forward. Seeing yourself as a victim and thinking about what went wrong will leave you stuck and feeling helpless. Take charge and move forward. This is your life. Let go of the past and create the future you desire.

#7 Move On – No one is Perfect

You can waste your time dwelling on the mistakes you made, feeling terrible, letting those negative feelings surface – or – you can recognize that no one is perfect and that you’ll learn from your mistakes and move on taking away even one small positive thing from the experience. When you move on you allow yourself to attract more positive situations. One day you’ll look back and see how everything just worked out – but you have to be open and move on.

#8 Sing a Song

Singing makes a person feel better – it lifts the spirits and it brings about positive feelings. It can relieve stress and it can lift your mood and make you feel upbeat. Don’t worry – if you don’t do well with remembering words hum along or make up your own words. Too often people do not sing because they have trouble remembering the lyrics – do not let that be you. Sing along and enjoy what it does to your mood. It really is the power of positive thinking. If you don’t feel like singing or humming just listen to some upbeat music – the kind that makes you feel good and puts a bounce in your step.

#9 What are You Grateful About?

Here is a terrific positive thinking tip – it is one of the most effective! Every day be grateful for five things. If it sounds like a lot that’s your negative thinking coming through. You see the optimist would find more than five things every day to be thankful for. So give it a try. It is okay if you come up short every now and then but practicing this exercise will help you with your positive thinking. Come up with 5 things you’re grateful for everyday and start today.

#10 Make Positive Quotes Part of Your Life

The sharing of positive quotes is actually very popular these days especially since social media has become so popular. If you were listing, simple positive thinking tips, sharing quotes should definitely be on the list of things to do, because it has been known to increase positive thinking.

A very popular quote by Lao Tse

“Watch your thoughts, they become words, watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become your character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

Put positive thinking into play and good things will follow. Practice these 10 positive thinking tips and you’ll enjoy your day.

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