Power Of Positive Thinking

How to apply the Power of Positive thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking

There’s real power in positive thinking, however most of us don’t apply the power of positive thinking the way we should. Once we do that, we can change our life, our world and significantly improve our situation.

Positive thinking leaves you happy, joyful, and looking at the bright side of life. The power of positive thinking forces your mind to expect growth, success, and positive outcomes. Thanks to books and television, the interest in the power of positive thinking has gained a great deal of popularity. Some people believe in it while others scoff at it. Here’s how you can use the power of positive thinking effectively so that you get positive results in life.

 A Positive Way of Life

Let’s look at an example of positive thinking at work. Karen applies for a job. Her self-esteem is low and as a result, she thinks she’s a failure and she is sure she’ll never get the job. Her negative attitude towards herself is manifested with negative thoughts and fears related to the job for the week leading up to the interview.

On the day of Karen’s interview she gets up late, she discovers the dress she was going to wear needs ironing, and since she doesn’t have time to iron it, she wears it wrinkled. She also doesn’t have time to eat. During the interview, her attitude is negative as she’s worried about her wrinkled dress and her growling tummy. She is distracted and unfocused during the interview and this leads to a bad impression. As a result, Karen manifests her fear that she wouldn’t get the job, and she doesn’t get the job. Her negative attitude forced her to make the wrong choices which created negative energy that led to her not getting the job.

On the other hand, Nancy applies for the same job but she has a much different approach. Her positive thinking leads her to believe she will get the job. During the week prior to the interview, she visualizes herself making a great impression during the interview and getting the job. The evening before the interview, she irons her dress and lays her outfit out for the morning, right down to her earrings. She goes to bed earlier so she will awake fresh.

Nancy wakes early, gets dressed, eats breakfast and heads out to her interview. She arrives on time and is in a very positive mood. She makes a good impression and lands the job. She manifests confidence that she will get the job and she does. Both women had identical qualifications but very different thinking processes and attitudes. Nancy’s positive energy was picked up by the interviewer and helped her get the job. That’s the power of positive thinking.

The Power of Positive Thinking vs. Negative Thinking

With a positive attitude, we visualize the positive results we want, we focus on having a positive outcome and we do the right things to help us create a positive outcome – we take positive actions.

This creates positive energy, happiness, and your body language broadcasts success and happiness. Even your health will benefit. You walk taller, your voice is powerful, and your body language shows just how you feel.

Each of us is affected by others just as we affect them. This happens at our subconscious level, through our feelings, thoughts, body language, and the words we speak. No wonder most of us prefer to hang around positive people and try to avoid negative one. People are much more likely to help someone with a positive attitude than they are someone with a negative one.

Negative thinking brings unhappy moods and negative actions. Did you know that when your mind is negative there are actually poisons released into your blood, which leads to more negativity and unhappiness? This leads to further disappointment, frustration, and failure. Negative thinking creates a vicious cycle of negativity and struggle and this cycle needs to be broken and replaced with a positive thinking cycle.

How to Use the Power of Positive Thinking in Your Life

If you want to apply the power of positive thinking so you enjoy life then you’ll need to start on the inside and change your thoughts, your attitudes, your beliefs and your words. It’s going to take some work, but it will be worth every minute.

  1. Read everything you can find on the subject of positive thinking so you really understand. Think about all the benefits and convince yourself to try it. Take courses like Creating Power so you develop a positive mindset and get rid of the negativity. You have nothing to lose.
  2. Don’t worry about what other people think or what they are saying about you when they find out you are changing how you think.
  3. Make sure you use your imagination only to visualize positive and favorable situations that will benefit you.
  4. Use positive words when talking to others and also with your internal dialogue.
  5. Smile more because this will help you to think positive thoughts.
  6. When a negative thought enters your mind it is important that you are aware of it and work to replace it with a positive thought that’s more constructive. If that negative thought comes back, you must once again replace it with a positive one. Persistence will lead to positive thinking and ignoring negative thoughts.
  7. Another technique that works well is creative visualization or the repetition of affirmations. You can use these together if you like.

Once you begin applying the power of positive thinking you’ll see changes. Those changes won’t happen immediately but they will happen over time. You’ll reap the benefits of positive thinking and you’ll wish you had discovered the power of positive thinking much sooner. But it’s never too late to get started – so start today.

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